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Wild Apples

Wild Apples

A new consciousness is emerging throughout the world. In all industries, empathy, sustainability, kindness and problem solving are emphasized. In the field of apple growing a new consciousness is being forged by extraordinary individuals. Many individuals wish to grow fruit without having to use chemical fungicides, or pesticides, for obvious reasons. There are visionaries who are going to the wild to find apple trees that grow delicious fruit without human intervention. Once a great tasting wild apple is found a scion is cut and grafted onto a rootstock. These wild apples are making extraordinary hard cider as well fresh eating apples. The future of agricultural is not in the lab, as many assume, but in the wild. This book states if you want to find wild apple trees the best place to look is along the roadside because all those apple cores that were thrown out of car windows sprouted into a wild apple tree. So don't feel guilt for chucking that apple core out the window! 🍎🍏🌞

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