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Raised Beds

Raised Bed gardening has been around since 300 B.C. The basic concept is to pile up your soil after it is tilled. Once the soil is piled up you have a excellent planting medium. Your plants roots will have plenty of room to grow, your plants will stay high and kept from being water logged in a wet season and you do not have to walk on your planted soil and cause compaction. Creating raised beds naturally creates a walking alley to cultivate your crops. The picture shows a recently plowed area where I made raised beds. It was recently cleared of trees and bushes. Notice all the roots laying about. The only reason it was accomplished in a relatively short time was due to the modern technology of a rotary plow. I can not imagine the backbreaking labor of a mule and plow that our ancestors used to accomplish this task. I have read that all the great tools that keep making our lives easier and better were invented by lazy men who did not want to work as hard as those who went before them. There is probably some truth to that statement. I salute the lazy people who have made agriculture a less backbreaking enterprise. You have saved many from literally being used up physically and have fed billions of people.

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