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Father of Modern Beekeeping

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The grave of Lorenzo Langstroth. Inventor of the modern beehive and author of the greatest book ever written about beekeeping.

His story

1. Whipped for wearing holes in his pants as a boy due to studying insects on his knees.

2. Homemade insect traps destroyed by a teacher in front of classmates in school in order to focus him on the curriculum.

3. Suffered from manic depression. Locked himself in a dark room for weeks, at a time, often in his 85 year lifespan. Often quit his minister’s job due to depression. His passion for the honeybee would always help him recover from bouts of depression.

4. Received no economic compensation for discovering bee space, and the invention of the modern hive frame. (No longer had to kill bees to get their honey) Died while giving sermon in Dayton, Ohio

In a world where our bodies, mind, and other people may lay obstacles in our journey to find and implement our life’s work, Langstroth’s life is an inspiration to keep trying, never give up!

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