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Bread From Stones

Previously, I posted an article about Rudolph Steiner and his prophecy that the honeybee would collapse. Steiner also talked about the sad shape of our agricultural soils in the 1920's. That's right, the 1920's! Basically, Steiner believed that our soils were worn out. They lacked the proper minerals to support a healthy population. Steiner believed that the lack of proper nutrition would cause a degeneracy in future generations. Steiner believed that the soils we grow our food in needed to be re-mineralized.

Steiner was not the only one to recognize this problem. Von Liebig's Theory is the belief that all that is needed for man and animal to be healthy, when it comes to the fertility of the soil, is to make sure it has enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. That's why farmers and lawn- care specialists still apply these three elements to their grass and soils. What the population doesn't know is that Von Liebig admitted his theory was wrong. Von Liebig admitted that to grow healthy nourishing food you need more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The chemical industry ignored his admittance of wrong thinking. Most people and industries are still following Von Liebig's Theory.

Enter Julius Hensel. Hensel was a German, who denounced Liebig's Theory. He witnessed farmers using copious amounts of chemicals to bring the soil's fertility up to grow crops. Hensel, advocated that farmers use rock dust to fertilize the fields. That's right. Rock dust is just what it states. You grind rocks into dust and spread that dust on the soil you want to cultivate. The dust is then consumed by organisms. The organism digests it, then the organism's waste product from digestion fertilizes the crop. Think about it. All one is doing when spreading rock dust is mimicking the ice glaciers when they scraped and ground tons of rock and then deposited it all over the world. This is what made farm soils fertile. Over time, the fields have been robbed of their fertility from hundreds of years of farming. Hensel, wrote a book named Bread from Stones, detailing his theory about rock dusts.

Large industrial farms do not use rock dust to fertilize their fields because it would be too expensive, or the farmer is not familiar with the concept. You know who can use rock dust? That's right, your local small farmer. Stillwater Valley Orchard and Apiary uses rock dust to fertilize its garden plots and fruit trees. We use a product called Azomite. It is a rock dust that has all minerals from A to Z. It is clay derived from a volcanic eruption in Utah millions of years ago. Stillwater Valley Orchard and Apiary believes strongly in growing food that is nourishing for the body. Using rock dust is one of our methods used to cultivate deep nourishing foods for our customers. Please support small local farms who make the effort to bring their customers the most nourishing foods possible. If you find any value in our product, or information, please take the time to subscribe to our website to subscribe for our updates. Thank you!

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