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The Black Walnut

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

The first of the Black Walnuts have begun to fall to the ground. Just about everyone in Ohio is familiar with the green, strong smelling, hand staining Black Walnut. While looking at an Apothecary book, it had a Black Walnut Tincture Recipe. The book stated that the Black Walnut detoxifies the colon, body, fights bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections. The book also states it treats hypothyroidism and goiters. The Black Walnut is also a favorite treat for many. It is not uncommon to see people gathering Black Walnuts during this time of year. They are certainly a tough nut to crack, but one is well rewarded with a wonderful tasting food. The Black Walnut also contains Omega Three Oil and are the highest protein nut available. Just be careful that you remove the whole shell because even a little bit of shell will crack a tooth. I read once, that Black Walnuts are the reason George Washington ended up loosing his teeth and having to wear those awful dentures. The Black Walnut Tincture is the outer shell of the nut and 80 proof vodka. Let it set for 5-6 weeks in a cool dark place, then strain. As always, do your own research and seek professional advice when using plants as medicine.

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